Van Gaal: This month is most important for Bayern

Two days after securing the semi-finals of the Champions League Bayern coach Louis van Gaal met media in a luxury hotel in Cologne and answered questions about his team, next Bundeliga match against Bayer Leverkusen...

Louis van Gaal on ...

... the presumption that Leverkusen's coach Jupp Heynckes knows Bayern very good and that it is therefore very difficult match for Bayern:

"I do not think he knows s so good. In the past eight months we are in a team building process and we have changed many things. Many other players have come to Bayern Munich, and many are gone. He can not know us that good."

... the heavy program of recentweeks with seven games in 21 days and the current state of fitness of his team:

"That we have to wait. Therefore, we are flown directly to Düsseldorf in order to recover better. I believe that we are in an excellent hotel with many opportunities in fitness, with very good food and very good beds. All that is also very important. That was one reason why we are here. A hotel is very important to us. We are often in hotels, and if the hotel is not so good, that also affects the players. The players have a lot of rest. Today, the players were able to sleep up to 11 clock. Yesterday we made only one regeneration training. Today we haven't trained yet. Players can do whatever they want. We stand with three trainers available. But there is no much of exercising . We will have many individual meetings to prepare the players for perhaps the most important game of the season."

... the human situation and first team for the match:

"In the moment I can not say much. We still have to train. Fortunately, we play tomorrow at 18:30 clock, not at prime time (15:30). So we still have two days to get all the players fit, even in spirit. I think that all players can come back and play in the squad."

... the difference between the physical and mental stress in recent weeks:

"Both play a role. But the team has been trained good so they can physically do what they have to do and bring their performance. This is usually not the problem. The problem is the mind. I've already studied some of this, I know a little more. I have worked with the universities of Amsterdam and Groningen, to explore that. But in the field, it can certainly be better, so I am concerned."

... the mentality of his team, which makes a very concentrated and not euphoric impression:

"This is also a bit of my philosophy. We have to work very hard and move our focus as soon as possible on the next game. That's what my players need to do and sometimes it's not an easy job. But we have to do that if we want to stay on top. This month all prizes will be distributed. The players know that it is very important to focus on the next game and that helps them to do what's important to do."

... about Bayer Leverkusen:

"I do not think the fact that they have lost three times in a row, so important is when they play against Bayern Munich. All clubs are extra motivated against us. Jupp Heynckes will tell his team: "Guys, we have nothing to lose." Then the pressure is less. If they lose, they say that Bayern Munich is just the best club. Bayer Leverkusen is better team than Schalke. They have god strikers in the team. This is a very dangerous team. We must be very good to beat them."

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