The Great Leap Forward: AJ Auxerre Prepare

Saturday’s day 33 of the Ligue 1 brings a number of promising matches, not the least of which is the meeting for the third time in less than a month between Bordeaux and Lyon.

Bordeaux continue their late season slump, as Lyon manages to at least maintain a position in the top three despite the recent tie with Lille.

However, the match that is perhaps of more interest for the race to the top is this weekend’s AJ Auxerre v. Lorient, as Auxerre will attempt to take another step forward to dethrone reigning Olympique Marseille.

Currently, Lyon, at 58, is 7 points below Marseille’s lead at 65, while Auxerre continues to move towards the top with its recent win against Nancy, placing them second at 60 points.

While both Lyon and Marseille have their share of celebrity payers, Auxerre’s team tends to receive slightly less glamorous player portraits in the media, yet their underdog status and steady move forward is beginning to draw press attention to their almost stylish “anti-style.”

In their April issue the French monthly So Foot has gone so far as to name Auxerre striker Ireneusz Jelen as the number three player of the month, just under Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi.

France Football reported today that Auxerre midfielder Dariusz Dudka, who injured his right ankle during the match against Nancy, would be ready for Saturday’s match.

Meanwhile, L’équipe reports that Aurélien Capoue, after having pulled a thigh muscle, will be absent for the meeting with Lorient.

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