Post Barcelona Game: Absence of Key Players - the Downfall of the Young Gunners

Many people argue that Arsenal were completely crushed by Barcelona on Tuesday night and if I may say myself, I will say yes to that statement. But the question is, were Barcelona fairly matched against an injury-affected Arsenal?

I will have to say no to that one. Okay, it’s not the time to blame a devastating loss on injuries because that’s what every team goes through every year and it’s the same for everybody. But imagine if Arsenal did have all their players fit for the game against Barcelona, the game, in my opinion would have been completely different.

I mean we are talking about significant key players who can change games in just a blink of an eye.

Andrei Arshavin is one of them, remember the game against Liverpool last season where he scored four goals? Or the other game this season where he his back was facing the goal and in a millisecond he turned very quickly and scored a magnificent goal.

Also the absence of Cesc Fabregas was a big loss for the young Gunners, the Spaniard provides brilliant passes and would have been needed against Barcelona on Tuesday night.

Contradicting my point above, there’s one player who has proven, that he can beat an entire team all by himself, his name is Lionel Messi.

The brilliant little Argentinian plays football on a whole new level right now and stands on the top of the football world and the other players can just look up and bow.

His creativity and incredible skills are what caused the downfall of the Gunners. The fact that he was the only Barcelona player with a shot on target just proves my point that he was the one beating Arsenal almost all by himself.

Therefore he’s significantly the main reason to why Arsenal lost on Tuesday and there’s nothing more to do than to praise and hail for the best player in the world ever.

The praise from the Arsenal players of the incredible Messi just shows greatness as footballers, the ability to actually admit that a team and a specific player were worth to win and played better than them really shows great character, both of the team and the manager itself, Arsene Wenger.

This game taught Arsenal a very important lesson and it will help them improve in the future and maybe rethink to buy a player or two during the next transfer window, that’s at least what Mr.Wenger has said.

The spotlight striker, Marouane Chamakh is almost a closed deal, but more on that later.

Till then, Joel Rietz.

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Comment by on April 9, 2010 at 11:18pm
Injured players are not something that helps but I still think that Barcelona has crashed Arsenal in first game, not in second. Second was Messi show and if you ask me, I was not impressed.

I hate when he takes a ball and plays alone, it's BS, like it's computer game when we take a ball and run with it to the net. I don't like that play even if he scored 8 goals.

But first match - that was really magnificent performance by Barcelona.
Hala Madrid
Comment by robert on April 9, 2010 at 11:46pm
arsenal,is a very very young team,that played without his head and thinker-fabregas.i must say that arsenal had some counter attack chances that the team failed to turn into goals because the lack of experience and maybe the nervousity of some key players-rosicky ,walcott and nasri.but still barca was the way better team by far in every section of the field.the classico will be a great game!!
Comment by Syark on April 11, 2010 at 6:16am
the fact that arsenal scored lots of goal in the early stage in EPL and in the CL group stage proofed that they had no problem on the attacking other than injury. they played great passing and crucial attacking phase in the pitch. But still, to me their defender need more improvement. Vermaelen to me is wonderfull but clichy, sagna, totally dissapointment. both two cant stay consistent. sometimes they have great passing but totally lack of defending tacks... cant blame them with the physical but Wenger should trully find the best wing back to help the defending more. Giving Eboue to play at the middle for me totally blow the game... id prefer him to play in sagna foot... sagna just too young... cant even made any dangerous crossing like Evra. I know that maybe sagna need to gain more experience but hes been in the first team for almost 3 seasons now... and seems to me not improving at all....
Comment by on April 11, 2010 at 6:29am
Vermaelen was a great buy indeed


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