I am Hoffenheim fan, mainly because of my two country fellows Salihovic and Ibisevic, but because they are small and new but still good.

However, even if this weekend was great for them ( they won, Bayern lost ), I still think they can't do it. Bayern is too big, too experienced..

Maybe they could win it with Ibisevic, but with him injured and lost for the rest of season, it's going to be very hard.

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i dont know how hoffenheim is doing so good and they are in great form but i still say bayern will win the title!
I hope we are wrong.

Bayern fans will not love me for this :)
Just made a look at Bundesliga Table. We talk about Hoffenheim and Bayern, and we forgot on Hertha and HSV. I am not too much familiar with Hertha, but they are second, only two pints behind Hoffenheim and sam as HSV that has one killing striking tandem from Croatia - Petric and Olic.

I was borned in Croatia, and know their football very good. Petric came to the scene two-three years ago, nobody haven't know about him before ( I think he is even born in Germany ).

On the other side, Olic was one of the great Croatian young hopes, he is member of Croatian national team for years, but after few years only few thought that he will ever be a great player. He is very fast, and that was literally only he showed in last few years, many of Croatian fans were talking jokes about him, even if he was a standard member of national team.

But this year he exploded, he plays a great season, and he is defintelly one of 3-4 best Bundesliga strikers.

With him, and very good Petric too, HSV can do lot of good things in this title race.

Olic has already signed for Bayern for next season, so he can play without pressure, but as he is Balcanic player, that can be a bad thing for him and HSV. Players from this area are not so disciplined, and he could easily get too relaxed. But I guess its just "he could", its still Germany, they are very disciplined, they probably won't let him to relax too much.
yes but olic may be going to bayern and bayern have klose and toni... sorry i dont know there history :)
Olic will stay in HSV till the end of the season.

He signed for Bayern 2-3 weeks ago, but for neext season, not this one. So, he can still be valuable for HAmburg's title race
Oh my God, what a terrible chance Hoffenheim missed today. Hertha and Bayern lost, they had it all in one single shoot. I still can't believe that Salihovic missed that penalty in 93rd minute.
I like all small clubs,but I think big club dont take him first place...
I think wolfsburg will win this year....Dzeko


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